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Xkote is a 2 component (2K) Automotive clear coat, just like a factory or body shop sprayed clear coat.

Xkote however is applied by hand. The key to this unique technology is both Xkote’s ability to self-level completely flat when applied by hand and Xkote’s proprietary chemical adhesion process. An Xkote application takes a fraction

of the time it takes to correct the paint by traditional means of buffing and polishing and can be ceramic coated within 24 hours of application.

Xkote permanently repairs heavy scratches, scuffs, and swirls, and brings faded, weathered, sand-blasted paint back to its original factory luster. The end result looks, feels, and is as permanent as the factory coating.

Because Xkote is virtually the same as the factory-applied clear coat, it is 100% paint shop compatible

and can be painted over at any time.

Xkote is not a “do it yourself” product. It is a professional service available only at Certified Xkote centers.

If you are interested in having your vehicle or boat Xkote’d contact us to book an appointment.

The Xkote Story

The Xkote story began in 1990 when founder Marc Johnston purchased a small body shop in Vancouver B.C. Canada. Clear coats were fairly new to the market, and Marc began to experiment with what seemed like a crazy idea
at the time; a hand applied version of the same clear coat others were now spraying in their body shops. As there was no manual or reference for this new type of application, it took over a decade of trial and error, and many early iterations.


Once a working product was developed, extensive research was done including hiring a brilliant chemist and
a chemical engineer to develop what would become the first generation of the product Xkote. Marc also owned
a high-volume auto dealership, and in 2001 started applying this coating to almost every vehicle that went through
the dealership. They would offer customers a free detail and oil change every 3 months, to ensure the vehicles came back in for inspection. This was invaluable in the testing phase, as it showed how the product would hold up
in the real world.


After more than 3 years and hundreds of test vehicles, the first generation of the product Xkote was ready for market. In 2004 the company Xkote Paint Renewal Systems was incorporated. They immediately began certifying qualified installers in Canada, and soon after, globally. Today there are more than 400 Certified Xkote installers worldwide

and the network of certified installers continues to grow at a rapid pace Our certified professionals include automotive detail shops, body & paint shops, specialized restoration businesses, dealer groups, automotive auctions, and companies with large vehicle fleets.

  • Can I ceramic coat over Xkote?
    Absolutely. Generally, the vehicle can be ceramic coated the next day.
  • Is Xkote the same as the factory clear coat?
    Yes, Xkote is a 2K (2 component) clear coat, just like the factory clear coat. The only difference is how it is applied.
  • How long does Xkote last?
    Xkote is a permanent coating just like the factory coating. It will wear and tear the same as any factory clear coat, and last just as long.
  • How is Xkote applied?
    Xkote has a very specific and unique application, that was developed and over the last 20 years. Xkote is applied by hand with a special applicator.
  • How long does an Xkote service take?
    Typically a vehicle can be ready for pick up the following day
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