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Are you doing paint correction?

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Xkote restores all types of vehicles

Xkote is a premium 2 component (2K) Automotive clear coat, just like a factory or body shop sprayed clear coat. Xkote however is applied by hand.


The key to this unique technology is both Xkote’s ability to self-level completely flat when applied by hand and Xkote’s proprietary chemical adhesion process. An Xkote application takes a fraction of the time it takes to correct the paint by traditional means of buffing and polishing and can be ceramic coated within 24 hours of application.

No more extensive buffing & polishing


Xkote permanently repairs scratched, swirled & sun damaged paint


Xkote utilizes higher grade resins than most factory coatings, resulting in better gloss and depth 


Less correction time = faster turn around times


Most Ceramic Coatings can be applied the next day

Who Should Attend?

Automotive professionals with prior experience buffing, polishing,

and traditional paint correction. 

XKOTE Certification Experience​​​

  • All new installers attend a 3-day certification training course.  

  • Small class sizes and extensive hands-on training. 

  • Several locations are available throughout the US & Canada. 

  • A comprehensive review of vehicle preparation & XKOTE application.

  • Successful installers gain access to online resources. 

  • No hidden fees or ongoing minimum purchases

  • Training refreshers & live support are always free.


Upon completing the program, new installers receive a valid certificate from XKote acknowledging that they have met the criteria setup by XKote. You can immediately start offering the services at your business, and access our installer online portal to download marketing materials & price guides.

If you are a registered business in the Automotive industry and are interested in getting Xkote Certified, please fill out the form below and someone from our team will get back to you with more details

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